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Replace messy excel-sheets and repetitive tasks with our all-in-one platform.
Automate progress tracking, create macro-perfect meal plans, build custom workouts & connect with your clients.

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We provide you

flexibility & freedom

Clients don't work with coaches who can provide them with the same plans as anyone else can, so why would you use a platform that doesn't allow you to stand out?

With Coachr, you have the freedom and flexibility to create unique fitness packages that match your clients' needs. Explore our intelligent features that takes your service to the next level.

What you can do with

the coachr platform

Help more clients in less time, all while providing more personalized experiences that will make your client more motivated than ever.

Meal plan creator

No more time-consuming calculations! Feed our algorithm with your clients data, and create customised meal plans in seconds!

Automated client tracking

Send automated follow-ups about your clients' results so that you can focus more on your client, and less on re-sending the same mails every week.

Workout programs

With our drag and drop exercises, it has never been easier to create unique workout programs that meet your clients' needs. All exercises come with video examples.​

Personal chat

Collect all your client contact at one place. Send both messages, pictures and live video from a simple, yet appealing dashboard.

Personal design

Say goodbye to boring plans! Our dashboard lets you customize the look of both the workout programs and meal plans you send to your clients. Personalization has never been easier!

Dedicated client app

With your app, your clients can access all of their plans and contact you in one single space. With multiple customization opportunities, you'll be able to ensure the app's theme matches your brand.​

We're dedicated to

your success

Stunning Website design

With more than 300 website designs made for coaches through the past years, our designers know what it takes to make your audience connect to your brand.

Data-driven social media strategy

Got an appetite for growing a healthy community and gain more followers? We help you to create and optimize your strategic framework based on state-of-the-art tools and research.

+10 years of experience

You don't just get access to a platform. You get access to our team and their extensive experience in the fitness industry. We're always ready to help you grow as a coach and as a person.

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